Youth Voting

Elections, politics and selection of a veracious leader is an important most factor in determining the fate of a nation. In this regard, our youth is a vivacious part. University Times directs and guides you about the details of voting. It is one of the most vital duties one can perform in the National interest.

Eligibility to Be A Voter

A person, who is a citizen of Pakistan, is not less than 18 years of age on the first day of January of the year in which the rolls are prepared or revised, is not declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind and is or is deemed to be a resident of an electoral area, can get himself enrolled as a voter in that electoral area.

Only citizens registered on the Electoral Rolls are eligible to cast their votes.

Voter Forms

Form A (Addition)

If you want to add something to your form regarding data details then click the link below for the form of addition.

Form B (Deletion)

If you want any sort of deletion in the provided details on your electoral form then we provide you the form for deletion. Click below to get the form of deletion.

Form C (Correction)

If you want any correction in your provided details, then click the link below for the form of correction.



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