Youth Rights

Once you are 18, you are legally an adult and are covered by the same laws as adults. Once you turn 18 you are generally able to carry out all legal activities, such as voting, entering into a valid contract, marriage, and obtaining a driver's license.

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Pakistan currently has the largest cohort of young people in its history and subsequent cohorts are projected to be even larger. More than half of Pakistan’s population comprises of individuals less than twenty years and 25 million aged 15-24. This huge populace includes young adolescents and youth full of energy, oozing with enthusiasm and patriotism with a brain full of ideas, a heart filled with sensitivity and a mind bursting with dreams of a brighter tomorrow for self, the community and the country. The robust bodies and able minds of today’s Pakistani youth however remain unbridled, unguided and without a clear vision for life and opportunities for the application of their energies for a greater cause or community service. The consequent agitated, frustrated soul in the unstructured and chaotic environment where morals and values are fast getting diluted finds solace in negative pursuits in the absence of leadership, a level playfield of opportunities and tangible well-defined roles and activities. They wobble on unsteady grounds of life without a proper direction & vision.

In terms of community mobilization every District Youth Assembly of Youth Parliament of Pakistan is administered by YPP’s District Project Managers (DPMs) and a core group of registered members of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. In the form of DYAs, Youth Parliament of Pakistan has already completed the most important component of any project – that is community mobilization – and in all 18 districts young people have formally registered to take part in various programs/activities of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. 

Every District Youth Assembly organizes regular meetings with all the members and especially with the members of the core group. For this project, 75-80 of a district’s most active and hard-working youth have been grouped together and given the name of a Youth Democracy Team.
Each team is responsible for carrying out the following tasks: peer group discussions in their particular district, capacity building through training workshops, voter-registration awareness campaigns, holding sensitization sessions in colleges and universities and the development of a Youth Charter of Demand.

The Youth Democracy Team Members will receive mentoring and support by Democracy Resource Banks. They will also be responsible for cascading their learning through a set of 5 planned activities in their district and for the continuation of project related activities even after the projects’ official completion.

Key Activities:

  • Creation of a Situation Analysis in selected 18 districts to specifically document youth trends and their perception about democracy, human rights, political participation and voting. This published document will be shared with all the possible stakeholders nationally and internationally.
  • Formation of Youth Democracy Teams (YDTs) to carry out project activities in their respective districts
  • Development of Democracy Resource Banks to support and mentor Youth Democracy Team Members
  • Training workshops for members of YDTs (two training workshops in every district for the members of YDTs) using COMPASS
  • 90 Cascading events (in collaboration with other partners of the project) and various non-formal tools like theatre, puppetry etc.
  • Democracy video and essay competition in partnership with Ministry of Human Rights
  • Publishing of a youth magazine titled "YouthInk"
  • District & National Youth Roundtables (TV Shows)
  • Sensitization Sessions in colleges/ universities to create awareness about voting and political participation
  • Intergenerational Democracy Symposium- The participants at the forum will explore ways and develop guidelines with other stakeholders to promote and advance democracy and human rights education with young people as an integral part of the National Youth Policy and other governmental policies.
  • Ensure voter registration of young people under the age of 35 in selected districts
  • Development of Youth Charter of Demand for Mainstreaming HRE & Democratic Citizenship.
  • Development and Participation of Young People in HRE Interactive website at district offices



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