Aims & Objectives

1. University Times is a hub for all universities for the provision of information which is helpful and guiding the students, stepping out of colleges.

2. UT aims to focus on the knowledge and developing know-how for the students wishing to enter a university life.

3. UT will be covering all the available disciplines which may help our youth to choose their educational career

4. UT will be highlighting the activities and anything new happening for the sake of help, awareness, guidance, supervision, and selection; thus sorting out the youth to choose the path of their interest.

5. UT also aims to focus on;

  • ongoing activities and live coverage of their events like seminars, concerts, workshops, sports etc

  • interviews and sharing of experience(s) from scholars

  • career counseling and guidance from experts

5. This UT website is briefly a media centre which will play its role to indulge our young students to select the best one for their education, career and profession.

6. UT will be holding brainstorming sessions and introductory seminars to indulge the staff and students for making them aware of social issues and how can they indulge to the maximum in events of their interest.


A website meant to empower students by offering information on each of the city's university(s).


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