Shaheeno National Youth Conference is going to be held on October 3, 2020

What is shaheeno?
Ans: Shaheeno is a Non-Profit & Non-Political Youth Organisation – An influential Network of Diversified & Dynamic Youth overstating the young minds and souls to work voluntarily for Pakistan
Aims of Shaheeno*
Q3: Who is the CEO of shaheeno?
Usama Raiz is the CEO of shaheeno
He feels a strong desire to make a difference in our community and the lives of someone in need.
He is a part of multiple events like
*Tabocoo Smoke-Free capital*
*Islamabad Anti-Drugs Initiate*,
Done Multiple *Street stores*,
Working On Rozgar
And Also Working On Blood In all over Pakistan and have solved 1000+ Blood cases with the help of his Teammates.
He is encouraged enough to keep this good work going as there are thousands of people who need humanity savers.
I am also Doing Different Seminars on Multiple Topics for youth.
*Q2:What is shaheeno national youth conference (SNYC) ?*
.Shaheeno presents its first mega event, “#ShaheenoNationalYouthConference” in Islamabad.
Purpose of this event*
⭐Shaheeno moto and about the anniversary
⭐To promote awareness about how a young passionate soul can be a volunteer
⭐To spread the message of Peace, Love & Harmony among Youth
⭐Promote attention of youth towards people who live in borderline
⭐Promote the talent of our Youth
*I am hoping for your presence in this one of the largest Conferences in Pakistan!
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