Fatima Jinnah Women University Call for Papers for Two-Day National Conference on “Inter-Faith Dialogue in the 21st Century” In collaboration with Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Last date for submission of Abstracts is June 15, 2019

Fatima Jinnah Women University Call for Papers for Two-Day National Conference on “Inter-Faith Dialogue in the 21st Century” In collaboration with Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Last date for submission of Abstracts is June 15, 2019

Call For Papers

Introduction to the Department

The Department of Islamic Studies was established 1998 with the inception of Fatima Jinnah Women University. The Department offers M.Phil. Masters and Bachelors programs and the medium of instruction is English. Islamic Studies Department at FJWU emphasizes the study of all aspects of Islamic Education, such as teaching and understanding of Quran, its Tajweed and Qira'at, knowledge of Hadith literature, Classical and Contemporary Literature on Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Law, Islamic Arts, Islamic Culture and World Religions. There is a Bachelors Program in Islamic Studies which is a four year degree program, Master’s in Islamic Studies, two year degree program; and M.Phil, two year degree program.

About the Conference

This First National Conference on Interfaith Dialogue in the 21st Century will provide a major interdisciplinary forum for presenting new approaches in areas of inter-religious peaceful co-existence and to raise awareness among the people, that religious intolerance is paying irreparable loss not only to Pakistan but also to humanity and to build peaceful atmosphere we need to tolerate and respect one another faith.

The conference will also focus on the latest developments in 21st Century on religious tolerance, peace and how to build harmonious relationships among different religions. The conference also aims to highlight the value of Inter-faith harmony for promoting religious tolerance and respect of religious diversity. It would also encourage understanding, respect, and cooperation among people of all faiths for the well-being of our communities and peace in Pakistan.

Guidelines for the Submission of Research Papers

  1. The paper should be in one of the above mentioned areas of the conference.
  2. The researcher should abide by all the rules of research such as methodology and documenting references and sources.
  3. The researcher should pay due care to the language and method of the research.
  4. The research should not have been published in any periodical, journal or presented in any conference or event before or taken from any previous article or research.
  5. The foreign terms and names must be written in italic style.
  6. The research should be a maximum of 30 pages, including the bibliography on A4 size page in MS Word file.
  7. The references should be numbered consecutively. All citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style and references should be given in footnotes.
  8. The following things must be provided along with research paper:

    1. Abstract (Softcopy)

      1. It should not be more than 300 words
      2. It should contain maximum two pages
      3. The first page should specify title of the research, name of the researcher, designation and affiliation of the institution and email address of the contributor.
      4. Brief CV (curriculum vitae) not more than one page.  
    2. Softcopy of the paper, if abstract approved.

Languages of the conference: English and Urdu.

Conference Themes

  • Inter-faith dialogue in Quranic Perspective
  • Seerah & Interfaith Dialogue
  • Inter-faith dialogue & Religious minorities of Pakistan
  • Inter-faith dialogue from Socio-Political perspective
  • Religio-political conditions of Contemporary Islamic World & Inter-faith dialogue
  • Interfaith dialogue & Religious Tolerance
  • Religious perspectives on Human Rights in peace and conflict.
  • Interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution/Universal harmony.
  • Religious pluralism & Interfaith dialogue
  • Scriptural commonalities & Interfaith dialogue
  • Ethical dimensions in different religions


  1. Faculty members
  2. Young Researchers
  3. Students
  4. Academia
  5. Shari’ah Scholars
  6. Academicians
  7. Policy makers
  8. Religious intellectuals

Due to the highly important nature of the conference only the authors whose articles would be approved after double blind peer review will be invited to present their papers in the conference.

Important Dates

Last date for submission of Abstracts

15th June  2019

Acceptance of Abstracts

30th June, 2019

Last date for submission of Complete Papers

15th July, 2019

Dates of the Conference

9-10 October, 2019

Venue of the Conference
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Objectives of the Conference

This conference will construe better understanding of the variant religious communities so that followers of every belief system are able to better appreciate the spiritual truths and strive for practical action. With reference to existing national needs, the conference aims to

  • Investigate the role of the interfaith dialogue in Pakistan today
  • Analyze how can we make such dialogues more effective and meaningful
  • To create social awareness in the society regarding interfaith dialogue
  • Highlight the spaces available to us to conduct interfaith dialogues
  • To evaluate the ways and mechanisms provided for the interfaith dialogue in the 21st Century
  • To identify the strategies and solutions for Inter-Faith Harmony in accordance with global peace and harmony and critically evaluate them

The answers to all these questions will be sought as an outcome of the conference serving to benefit of society and Pakistan, and significant to national interests.



Dr. Shahzadi Pakeeza
Conference Coordinator/ Assistant Professor 
Department of Islamic Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University
Cell No +92 345 5055 894

Ms Zainab Moin
Co-Coordinator/ Lecturer
Department of Islamic Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University
Cell No +92 333 5564 263
Email address for Abstract and Paper Submission
For general queries and information:    [email protected]

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