National Youth Association is organizing Conference: Pakistan Youth Vision 2030 on October 12, 2019


National Youth Association is organizing Conference: Pakistan Youth Vision 2030 on October 12, 2019

SEHAR in collaboration with the National Youth Association is working to develop and propose the Youth Vision 2030 for Pakistan

Out of 23 million of Pakistani Youth, mostly are suffering from poverty, inadequate education, skills and employment opportunities, exploitation, intolerance, violence, and discrimination.

Situation appeals for investment in Youth to get the best outcome from the country's most valuable asset and an integral component of the development process and the future of the nation.

It’s time for all stakeholders, especially youth itself to make an effort to visualize/plan their future in 2030.

Being youth leaders we want to develop an operational framework for all the actors (government, the private sector, and civil society) with a set of realistic guidelines from which action programs and services will be developed to facilitate meaningful involvement of Youth in national development efforts and to respond to their numerous needs and problems.

Research (Pakistan Youth Vision 2030) want to get a deeper understanding of the challenges in youth empowerment, and it will find practical ideas and recommendations for concrete action to policymakers, legislators, policies and programs for youth empowerment, and achievement of SDGs for improved well-being and livelihood along with economic, social and cultural development of future generations.

The SEHAR and NYA will encourage the government to be more responsive to the aspirations and needs of youth for a better world. This research will focus on what government, at every level, can do to further the vision laid out.

The vision (recommendations and ideas) will be based on inspiration from wishes, analysis, expert opinions, organizational supports, case studies, lessons learned and good practices. Sources will be documents and first-hand surveys and interviews including policy documents, previous researchers, reports, youth from all over Pakistan, youth organizations, government agencies, experts. The prime focus will be on getting the same ultimate goals from diverse youth.

The process of developing this document will be consultative, participatory and inclusive in terms of the involvement of all key stakeholders especially youth.

The inspiration and motivation is the wait for that moment when all Youth of Pakistan will be nurtured, protected, educated, equipped with skills and economically, politically and socially empowered, that drive us to put all our energies to develop a shared and consensuses oriented vision for the young people of Pakistan to see them gainfully employed and actively participating in the development of the country.

Further detail will be available soon.

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