Muslim Youth University organized a Seminar titled “Pakistan a Nation with Vision”


Muslim Youth University has organized a seminar titling Pakistan a Nation with the Vision. The guest speaker of the event was Mr. Atiq Raja Chairman Pakistan Youth Council PYC. While addressing the students of MY University he talked about Pakistan and its nation. He comprehensively explained the audience about the difference between state and the country. He talked about Pakistan as a nation and expounded about the different nations in the world and gave examples of some successful nations on the globe.

In his interactive session, he asked several questions from the attendees like what is their vision and mission, what is their contribution to serve Pakistan, and are they stand united for the betterment of Pakistan.

At the end of the session, he encouraged the students to read the short history of Germany, USA, and China. He also asked the students to come out of their comfort zone, become one nation and avoid sectarianism and don’t become a hero-worshiper.

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