University Times Talent Showcase

University Times Presents

Talent Hunt

Get ready to shine

We are here to keep you in the limelight and feature whatever hidden talent you have, Which includes:

1. Music,

2. Painting,

3. Dancing,

4. Standup Comedy,

5. Drama/ Theatre/Meme Performance,

6. Mimicry,

7. Instrument Playing or any other,

If you think your talent is unique and worth sharing with the world then come to us we are here for your talent endowment.

We Want University Stars Shine High in the Sky. We will brand your videos or give us chance to make awesome videos of your talent.

University Times brings a great platform for talented people on which they can perform and surprise the world with their talent. We will air all the amazing performances on our website and our social pages which is going to hit millions. We believe that everyone has a talent in oneself, come and prove yourself to the world. Now is the time to tell the world, what amazing talent you’ve got.

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