Teachers Deserve Better

In this day or age, it has become something quite normal. Some students get a lot of enjoyment out of imitating the teachers speaking/teaching style, outlook or just making fun of something they’ve said.

Teachers Deserve Better than Being Target of Students Jokes. We would never make fun of our father and mother, would we? Likewise, it is important to treat our teachers the same way. When we make fun of our teachers, we are in fact making fun of all the good things that education is all about. Getting education is simply of no use if it does not teach us what not to say about our teachers.

Teachers have to understand and come to the level of their students while teaching them. Not all students are the same. One student can understand a concept in one way, while another student would require some other explanation from the teacher to understand the same concept.

Teachers are our elders, and as elders, they deserve respect. It is also a part of our social and moral values to respect them. Teachers are the ones who are patient and tolerant with us when we are being stubborn or out of order. And their patience also make them try their best to make us understand the difficult concepts that sometimes we just cannot understand. Even when they punish us or complain about us, their sole aim is to get us on the right track. They do all that because, like our parents, they do care about us. As such, the least we can do is not being rude and remember our manners when in front of them.

In each nation there are businessmen, soldiers, politicians, doctors, engineers and uncountable other professionals. No professional can be who they are without getting education.

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