Career Selection, Whose Choice — Parent or Child

Who should choose the career of child, parents or children?

Parents are the ones who bring a child to this world. It is their duty to protect, guide and help to turn him into a well developed successful individual. Parents love their children unconditionally and it is natural for them to expect a thing or two from their child. They want to see their child prosper and achieve success in life. For few parents success is becoming an engineer or doctor, for few parents’ success is whatever field of career that their child opts as long as it makes their child happy. Sometimes parents decide what would be the right path of career for their child without realizing that this crucial decision lies solely on the hand of the child, not them. They often force their own aspirations and dreams on them due to which the child feels pressured. Career is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life which actually foresees the next 30-40 years of an individual and should be not chosen by either child alone or parent alone; there shouldn’t be any monopoly in this decision.

The world is changing and the dreams of each child change accordingly. Children should also be given the right to choose their career path and live their dreams but the real world experience of parents definitely can't be put on a back seat. So, who should be the one choosing a career for a child – the child himself, parents or both together? 

Parents have far more experience and children have current knowledge and enthusiasm, together they can make a better decision than either of them individually. Parents should guide their children, should share their experiences regarding careers, and suggest their views and knowledge. While on the other side; Children should be completely open to their parents' advices and feedbacks before putting their interest forward. They should discuss their inclination about a certain career with them. It is always better to talk things out instead of complicate the situation. One should not forget that parents have also passed this phase of choosing a career earlier in their life; it is obvious that they have insight about this decision making. It does not mean that the child should let parents take over this decision, he/she must discover what career is best suited and where does his/her true potential lie. Parent should only assist their children in making this decision instead of ruining their child’s interest. This choice should be made mutually because it will have an impact on both the lives, the child's as well as the parents'.

Parents serve as a major influence in their children’s career development and career decision- making. Research also indicates that when students feel supported and loved by their parents, they have more confidence in their own ability to research careers and to choose a career that would be interesting and exciting. This is important because studies show that adolescents who feel competent regarding career decision-making tend to make more satisfying career choices later in life.

Admission time is near the corner and it is a crucial period in the life of most of the students. It is always better that parents and children should decide together on the career they would pursue. The children can get the information about the latest trends while the parents can get their practical experience to the table to make a decision.

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