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Does a PG (Postgraduate) degree add value to your CV?

It is the season of pursuing graduation, higher studies and new jobs. A lot of new under graduate and post graduate courses are being promoted by different universities. It’s up to the students to grab up these opportunities and enhance their academic growth. But most of the students face a twist after pursuing their graduation. They end up in a confusion of whether to do a PG or take up a job. At times, they land up taking a wrong decision. But, in reality, does a PG degree add value to your CV or is it just a myth? Let's take a look. 

Yes – A PG degree does add value to your CV

1. Need of the hour – Once you finish the graduation, it is an advantage, if you opt for a post-graduation course. It becomes harder to stand out from the crowd with just a Bachelor's degree alone. Thus, a masters degree is most desirable and it has become the need of the hour. 

2. Improves employability – The qualities that you develop during a PG course will help you add weight to your CV. PG helps to intensify the employability and with a PG qualification, you can easily find a secured job. 

3. Increases competition – Having a PG qualification increases the competition on the research track. Many universities do not enroll students in Ph. D without a Master's degree. 

4. Acts as an investment – Doing a post graduate course, is a lifelong investment and will help to shape your future. Studying further is best for you so that you can land up in a good job as per your ambitions. When two people with similar performance are to be promoted in the corporate world, PG degree does plays a decisive role. 

5. Networking opportunities – While doing a PG course, you will probably meet great professionals and maintain a lot of personal contacts. Yo may meet people who are ambitious and like – minded. This would help you create a strong networking contact. 

6. Flexibility of study – Flexibility is the main advantage of a post graduate course. You can also take up a part time PG course, which can allow you to work alongside your education and family life. Today, many universities provide distance education. 

7. Development of Personal skills – A PG course can help you develop your personal skills. You will be able to grasp the concept of time management along with writing and academic skills. A PG program will give you an opportunity to meet new people with various backgrounds. 

No – It is the type of person you are that matters more

1. Financial situation – Post graduate courses are usually much more expensive than the graduate ones. It might not be possible for every student to take up a PG degree just for a name sake. Recruiters do understand the financial backgrounds of every candidate and thus, one can easily get placed in a good company with a degree background. 

2. Knowledge – Usually, a PG course is a slight extension of the degree course that one has pursued. The subject and the content matter is almost repetitive in the PG course. Thus, a PG course can just give a title but it cannot change the description. A candidate gains the most basic knowledge during his graduation period. 

3. Experience – Today, most of the colleges have introduced the concept of research work in the last semester of an under graduation program. Students get an opportunity to explore the research areas of their interest. This also adds an experience and knowledge to your resume. A PG course is not necessary to do a further research. 

4. Not required – Before taking up a PG course, you need to consider, whether it is necessary for your course. It may be important to get a proper work experience or take out time to network with the industry peers.


Competition in a work place is really furious and thus, having a strong educational background can help you sustain in such an environment. 

Having a PG or an additional degree is always a better option as there are a plenty of PG options available to the students. A post graduate qualification is of great advantage to a student and an employee in a freezing work atmosphere. 

Students should wisely select the area of their interest and take their studies forward in order to achieve a well settled and secure career.

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