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In June 2015 the United States and Pakistan established an Education, Science and Technology Working Group (ESTWG) under the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue. During the official visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to meet with President Obama and other US officials on October 22, 2015 the two leaders discussed the proposal to establish US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor and directed their respective governments to intensify their cooperation in this important framework to achieve the ambitious priority targets of developing high level human capital envisioned in Pakistan's policy document Vision 2025.

2nd Meeting of the ESTWG was held in 29th February 2016 in Washington DC to develop a joint action plan for operationalizing the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor and its salient elements. In general US agreed to support Pakistan's efforts to strengthen its University system by jointly increasing the number of Pakistani faculty who obtain their Ph.D. in the US universities.

According to the Plan, ten thousand (10,000) Pakistani scholars will join US universities in next ten years as an effort of the Government of Pakistan to train its faculty resources in identified subject areas.

As Phase-I, 1500 scholarships will be financed through Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and the project has been approved in ECNEC, held on Jan 25, 2017.


Overseas Scholarships (90%Category): 

Scholarships are awarded every year for Direct PhD & MS/MPhil leading to PhD Program under this category. Scholars are placed in those technologically advanced countries that have no/nominal/special tuition fee rates for which HEC and higher education agencies and universities in the host countries have signed Memorandum of Understandings. The process takes almost 10-12 months from scholarship announcement to award of scholarship. These scholarships are for all disciplines however provincial and discipline quota is maintained keeping in view the national needs.

Under this category, out of the total 2000 scholarships, 1800 scholarship (90%) are to be awarded in total and thus 450 scholarships were to be awarded every year for Master/MPhil leading to PhD program. Scholars are placed in those technologically advanced countries that have no/nominal/special tuition fee rates for which HEC and higher education agencies and universities in the host countries have signed MoUs. So for three batches has been advertised under the said category


To create a critical mass of highly qualified Engineer, Technologists, and Scientists Manpower in high-tech fields

To build up the capacity of Universities, Research & Development Organizations and Industries in Pakistan through addition of PhD's in priority fields.

Considerable intellectual activity is expected to be generated through this scheme as groups of scientists, technologists and social scientist would be engaged in publishing their research work. It is expected that good number of papers/studies could be produced annually. The scheme would provide our system an impetus for an out-put and productivity. Major organizations & universities would be increasing their R&D by absorbing specialized trained manpower. A number of new R&D Projects having economic returns can thus be launched.

The current scheme would supplement HEC efforts for provision of adequate number of trained PhD manpower, to support technology upgrading, develop high standards of Science  & Technology,  Humanities and Business education/training in Pakistan and to meet the challenging needs of Pakistan's economy.


Higher Education Commission is focused to enhance a progressive research culture throughout the country and expedite every opportunity to equip the local human resource with new methodologies and scientific solutions. The Overseas Scholarship Program under AHBP is specifically designed for this purpose, where 200 Overseas Scholarships are being offered to local residents of Balochistan, on district quota basis.

The potential candidates are offered to complete PhD in world top 500 universities as per Times Higher Education Ranking or in those technologically advanced universities/countries, with whom HEC has signed Document of Understanding.


The final stages of doctoral studies are the most critical. They are the make-or-break points of several years of hard work and research. However, unforeseen circumstances can put all this effort into serious jeopardy, whether it is financial burdens or time constraints. This is particularly problematic for overseas students.

The Higher Education Commission has instituted a special financial scheme to provide relief to students facing such problems. Through this scheme, monetary support can be provided to overseas scholars who require partial assistance (e.g. tuition, thesis evaluation/submission fee, living expenditure, etc.) in the final stages of their doctoral studies. This applies to PhD students who need this support to complete their studies, or do so in a shorter time period so they can return home earlier. This scheme also extends to the faculty members of public sector universities/DAIs who are enrolled in a PhD program abroad.


  • To provide a safety net to students and faculty members studying abroad for their PhD
  • To contribute to producing the next generation of scientists, researchers and scholars in the public education sector
  • To strengthen the linkages between Pakistani and foreign universities.

Every year, approximately 50 scholars are selected for the Overseas Partial Support program. Application details are available in the following pages.

Financial Support

Under the Partial Support for PhD Program, HEC will grant successful applicants a one-time award with a maximum amount of US $15,000. The amount can cover tuition fee, research or study related expenses, or living allowances.

Applicants have to fill out the requisite form for the program, along with official documents detailing the fee/expenses for which the assistance is required.

All payments due to the university/institution are paid directly to the institute, while individual payments (e.g. living allowances) will be given through the Pakistan Consulate in the foreign country or its subsidiary office.

The program is open for applications the entire year. Meetings are held every quarter for the selection of individuals who will receive the award.

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